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Nothing can quite beat the feeling of having the wind in your hair, driving down a beautiful stretch of road. This is exactly why road trips are so popular in the United States. This has been quite a favorite pastime for quite a few people and will continue in the future. The scenic views that one can see on the road in this country are like no other.

The coastal areas are breathtaking and the roads are quite hassle-free. You can find breathtaking valleys and even lush forests on the road itself. Imagine what you would find when you take the time to get off at every destination. Sure, you might not want to start planning a huge trip that will last for six months, but you can definitely try out smaller routes and one-way destinations to just enjoy the road.

 Don’t you worry, these roads will also offer you amazing views that you will never be able to forget. Also, don’t forget about the fun activities that you can plan out once you reach your destination! Gather up your closest friends for the road trip experience of a lifetime! We have curated a list of smaller routes that you can take with your friends.

San Francisco to Utah

The most laid back city in California is definitely the city of San Francisco. You should definitely think of exploring this city before you leave on your road trip if you haven’t seen it before. You can choose to rent cycles with your friends in order to cycle over the Golden Gate Bridge. This will offer you sparkling views of the bay area. You can also sip some of the best coffee this city has ever seen at Hayes Valley.

The city is so charming that it might even make you delay your road trip! Once you start driving, you will head over to Lake Tahoe, where you can see the breathtaking Sierra Nevada mountains in the backdrop. You can choose to kayak, cycle, hike, or even fish if you want to stop and enjoy the alpine views for a while.

The next best destination to see on your way is the beautiful home of towering waterfalls, Yosemite. You will also hit Death Valley, America’s driest and hottest park. From here you will head over to Las Vegas, and after that, you can finally explore the open spaces of Utah. Spend some time in Salt Lake City and discover the beauty of Zion National Park.

The Las Vegas Loop

The scenery surrounding this whole loop will be the guiding light for you during this road trip. The red rocks in the American West will take you through a loop of Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Canyonlands, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, and Monument Valley. You will start near the bright lights of the Vegas strip, where you can explore the city. If you are up for some adventure, you can always book las vegas atv tours for you and your friends. From here, you can make your way through Utah and Arizona to the American Wild West.

Choose your weapon, you can bike in the National parks or even hike there. Drive through these scenic routes and meet some locals to learn about the Navajo culture. The mind blowing views of the American desert will leave you in wonder and awe. Spring and autumn are the best time to go if you don’t want to burn to a crisp in the scorching heat. Don’t forget to see the sunrise through Mesa Arch in Canyonlands NP.

The Blue Ridge Parkway

This way snakes through the Appalachian mountains in Virginia, continuing down to the Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina. The Blue Ridge Parkway will lead you to golden trees that hug the edge of the road. Experience the beautiful turns and twists through this beautiful scenery. You can go explore any of the waterfalls, hiking trails, and even panoramic views on this way. These are easily accessible by road.

The highlight of this journey is definitely the road itself, even though there are so many places that you can visit during this route. It will give you the pure joy of driving down the countryside. The best time to do this drive is when the autumn weather turns everything into red and gold.

Boston, New York, and New England

If you want to start off your road trip with a proper bang, start by exploring the Big Apple. You don’t need to drive around in this city so you can jump in feet first! Go explore the Central Park, Greenwich Village, and best of all, Times Square. You can even take out some time to go visit the Empire State Building.

 Once you start off on your road trip, your drive will take you to Cape Cod, the playground of New England. There are minles of pristine beaches all around, with the bonus of colorful lighthouses and fishing villages. Martha’s Vineyard is picture perfect if you want to hop in on a ferry. You can even wind your way over to the east coast’s best cities and head on to Boston!

Chicago to New Orleans

This drive will take you through the heart of the nation from top to bottom. You will be covering a total of 6 states on this scenic drive. Your trip will start in Chicago and will take you towards St Louis, the birthplace of Lincoln. From here you can head south towards Memphis, where you’ll discover the cradle of rock’n’roll and the home to Elvis’s huge mansion, ‘Graceland’.

The cuisine and the charm will definitely be different while you continue your way to the banks of the Mississippi River. From here, you only have 3 more hours till you touch New Orleans. Any jazz fan will be ecstatic to reach the home of jazz and funk. You can also plan this around the time of Mardi Gras, a two week long festival held in New Orleans.

Nothing can be better than planning a road trip with all your closest friends. Choose the kind of destination and journey that you would like, and start planning now!

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