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We only have about 3 weeks left of school here in Arkansas, so I have been trying to figure out what the best sort of vacation will be. We may go back up to Ohio to see all of our relations, but I really want to have a vacation that is a bit more scenic than the mid west. To that end, I have been searching through a number of different websites about the best orlando vacation rentals. After we get the housing taken care of for the trip, I know that we already want to visit Universal Studios. There are a number of other attractions in the same neck of the woods, so hopefully that city will be our base of operations for a week or two.

Whenever we get back, I know the next thing I want to do before the summer ends is get some new furniture for my home office. As many of you know, I run NeuFutur from my home office. Many of you (at least, those of you that have not been over at my house before) know that the furniture I’ve outfitted this office with is a bit long in the tooth. For example, the desk that I use has been through no less than three moves. I’ve been already pricing different items for a re-outfit; for some ideas about what I want you can click later on to learn more. We may be on our away to moving house here in the next two years as well, so I’m trying to find furniture that is well-built and will stand up to a cross-country move. Employing proficient movers, such as those one can find off of, is essential if you have some cherished items that you do not want to be destroyed.

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