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Something To Ride To is precisely what Shaheed and DJ Supreme say it is, a head-bopping track that’s got all the drip of 1990s Cali rap. Adding Lauren Strain’s heavenly vocals to the track adds that further period-correct veneer to the song. The back and forth between the quicker bars and the more measured chorus keep things fresh throughout the single’s run time. The string-like synth that enters into the equation during the song’s second half keeps things fresh until the song rolls to its inevitable end.

NeuFutur has had the opportunity to review quite a few Shaheed and DJ Supreme singles, including their Jazz MenThe Art of Throwing DartsWorld of WaterS.T.E.M., S.T.E.a.M., and S.T.R.E.a.M.Keep Climbing1 Time 2 ManyAppreciate Life and Glorious Day. Take a look at our interview with the pair here.

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