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In terms of readily-accessible imperial IPAs, the Voodoo Ranger line is top-of-the-line. New Belgium has created a number of distinct offerings in the line, with the Fruit Force being one of the most innovative IPAs we had tasted last year. The brewery has expanded their line to offer Tropic Force, an IPA that pours with a very light yellow coloration and a goodly amount of persistent white head. Tropic Force’s nose has very fruity (pineapple, pear) elements. An initial sip showcases the brew’s easy going flavor profile, with wheat and grain elements hiding the hoppier side of the style. As the effort continues to reach room temperature, some of these sweeter fruit notes begin to reduce in presence. It’s at this point where the lightest hints of hop bite start to show themselves. I believe that it is at this point where the beer shines the brightest. Every element remains distinct while providing a complexity that ensures no two sips of Tropic Force will be the same. Continuing along, Tropic Force is able to notch a few additional flavors, which include coconut and even candi sugar-esque notes before one closes up shop on the IPA. Overall, Tropic Force is a solid addition to the Voodoo Ranger line and feels new. New Belgium will snag a fair few fans that may not typically be fans of the India Pale Ale style with this one.

Down the line, it would be fun to see New Belgium ramp up the bitterness a bit while keeping the strong fruity elements exhibited in Tropic Force. For additional information about the full run of the brewery’s offerings, give their website and social media profiles a spin.

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Rating: 8.5/10

Voodoo Ranger Tropic Force (Tropical IPA) / 9.5% ABV / 33 IBU / New Belgium Brewiing, Fort Collins, Colorado / Domain / Facebook / Instagram / Youtube /

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