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Rather than giving us everything she’s got right out of the gate, Ginny Luke is building up as much tension as possible with nothing more than her voice in the new single “Seductive Cinderella.” While there’s a definite pop/metal influence over the aesthetics in this track, I think the instrumental virtuosity is toned down specifically as a means of spotlighting the ability she has with the microphone in her hands. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that this will be the most casual look we see from her, but at the same time, that statement says a lot about her future. 


The bassline has a rather gruff demeanor beside the other instrumental elements in this mix, but the juxtaposition is necessary to foster a bit of additional angst to complement the tone of the lyrics. There’s nothing here that qualifies as filler; if Luke is straddling it somewhere in this song, the odds are that it belongs here as to contribute something bold to the narrative at hand. She’s not giving us a lot of recycled rhythm and rhymes we’ve heard everywhere in the underground lately, but instead making a point of producing as authentic a piece as she can here. 

Luke’s music video for “Seductive Cinderella” extends the vibe of the soundtrack really well, but not through its visual scheme exclusively. Honestly, I think the colorful presentation is one thing, but the adrenaline-soaked pacing of the imagery is the real centerpiece of this video. She’s adding to the tempo by skewing the beat with something a bit more aggressive on the side, which is telling of what she could come up with the next time she gets into the recording studio to make something immersive and equally as provocative as this track is. 


I wasn’t listening to Ginny Luke before I got turned on to “Seductive Cinderella,” but the work she puts into the harmonies here has made me very interested in keeping up with her story as it begins to unfold. There’s still a lot of room for her to develop and define her aesthetical core more than it is at this moment, but even if she were to keep everything the same as it is in “Seductive Cinderella” for the duration of her career, I don’t believe she’d have a difficult find keeping an audience to herself. You can’t conceal talent like hers, and that’s the real story of this performance. 

Kim Muncie

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