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Recent debates on climate change have given birth to the trend of “green tech,” or eco-friendly ways to incorporate sustainability into modern technology. Data shows that 7% of global carbon emissions come from the tech industry alone. To decrease our collective carbon footprint, everyone must start using eco-friendly, super-sustainable gadgets only. You can be a part of this green tech revolution by gifting an eco-friendly tech gadget to your friends and family on upcoming holidays.

From ultraperformance smartwatches to laptop external monitor setups, we’ll discuss different products you can send as Independence Day presents to your friends to create awareness about sustainability. Make this world greener, one tech tool at a time!

Top 5 Tech Gifts for the Good of the Environment

Laptop Monitor Extender

Do you know that 6 in 10 US employees waste 30 to 60 minutes every day? However, sustainability is all about reducing waste and increasing one’s productivity. A simple solution is to add two/three screens to each side of your laptop so your workstation becomes not only more visible but highly functional as well. For that, you should try Mobile Pixels Trio Laptop Monitor Extender.

This computer monitor extender will give you a widescreen experience so you and your friends can be more productive for the 4th of July. For just $399.99, you can share this tech-friendly gadget with a colleague. It’d be the ultimate gift for your gamer friends, mainly because it:

· Comes in two size options (13.3” and 14.1”)

· Has a built-in kickstand

· Plugs in via USB-C port

· Is Compatible with Samsung Dex and Nintendo Switch

Project Solar Power Bank

Don’t want it when your phone runs out of battery? Then you should get the sustainable Project Solar Power Bank 2000. In less than $1,400, this long-lasting battery can be yours. It’ll help you harness the power of the Sun to recharge your gadgets.

If your friends are travelers, then you should gift them this incredible power solution this July. A Project Solar Power Bank 2000 offers these benefits:

· 1,920 Wh capacity

· 16 output ports

· Takes 3 to 4 hours to charge (via solar)

Ocean Plastic Mouse

Why don’t you ask your friends to replace their ordinary mice and get a sustainable alternative? For just $29.99, you can gift Microsoft’s Ocean Plastic Mouse to your pals. It’s made with 20% recycled plastics sourced from ocean waste. This eco-friendly computer accessory gives you:

· Year-long battery time

· Ergonomic design

· 100% recyclable packaging

Philips Hue Light Bulbs

If you have $200 to spare, then you should gift this LED smart light bulb starter kit to your pals. LEDs are already great at consuming less energy and reducing your power bill. You should send these LED bulbs to your friends and tell them that they:

· Glow in millions of hues

· Operate via voice command

· Last 25x longer than standard LEDs

Garmin Enduro Smartwatch

Finally, let’s look at another solar-powered beauty. The gorgeous yet functional Garmin Enduro 2 ultra-performance smartwatch harvests the power of the Sun, so you won’t have to recharge it in the next 30 days. For less than $1,100, you can gift this unique gadget to your friends and make them a part of the green tech revolution. Its features include the following:

· Lasts up to 40% longer than the previous version

· Power battery that lasts up to 46 days

· Can play music and act as a torch

· Interactive touchscreen


If you want to surprise your friends this Independence Day, then feel free to gift them a fabulous laptop monitor extender, the best eco-friendly present money can buy. This tool extends their screen space so they can multitask and become more productive at work. That’s why a laptop screen extender would make the perfect holiday present for your pals.

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