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Under Armour Sport Wireless Heart Rate headphones a good buy

Over the course of the last month or so, we have experienced the UA Sport Wireless Heart Rate headphones by JBL. The overall fit of the earphones is provided through a set of sized earpads, while the over-ear bar ensures that one will not lose the headphones during a particularly intense workout.The headphones pair easily with Bluetooth and provide both playback and a microphone function for those that may be taking…

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Byron BT Wireless Headphones (Beyerdynamic)

Beyerdynamic’s Byron BT Wireless Headphones are quite possibly the best sub-$100 wireless earbuds we’ve reviewed at NeuFutur. While small in size, the Byron BT Wireless Headphones provide a full sound that equally well capture gaming, news, and music beats with the greatest of ease.

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Upcoming 2016 Games

Some of you may know that I’ve always been an avid gamer. I play almost any roleplaying game that comes out for the PC. This past year I have played several games like Fallout 4 and Game of Thrones. I really enjoy using my computer to game because I don’t have to deal with the ever upgrading consoles like PlayStation or Xbox. It’s easier to replace items like RAM and video…

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Superlux HMC631 Gaming Headset

The Superlux HMC631 Gaming Headset is a solid addition to the inventory of any player that would like a pair of headphones that are comfortable, customizable, and at the head of the class in regards to sound reproduction. The HMC631 headphones are able to playback music from bass-heavy (rap, EDM) to vocal-intricate (opera, country) genres in a compelling fashion. Furthermore, vocals (video game dialogue, phone calls) are clear and crisp…

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Crossfade M-100 Headphones (Shadow)

Priced at a hair under $250, the V-Moda Crossfade M-100s represent one of the best pairs of headphones that we have reviewed at NeuFutur. The rugged build quality of the headphones ensure that they will be able to be toted around and put through the normal rigors of everyday life without seeming the worse for wear. This is due to the considerable amount of metal (rather than plastic) that are…

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Turtle Beach Ear Force XO SEVEN Gaming Headset

The gulf in quality between the best and the most lacking headphones available for the Xbox One is considerable. The Ear Force XO SEVEN gaming headsets by Turtle Beach represent the high end of the spectrum, marrying an approachable price point ($100-150) to a rugged build and large amount of functions. The audio produced by the 50mm Neodymium drivers allow for faithful reproduction of the highs and lows. Voices (whether…

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Digimon All Star Rumble

  There is a dedicated fan base for Digimon that has clamored for a new fighting style game. The All Star Rumble that has just been released by Namco Bandai looks to fill this hole. The game is able discount on all cylinders to provide fans and gamers with a compelling and fun title. The thing that one will immediately notice is that the character design seems ripped from the…

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RetroN 3 Gaming Console

One can purchase a Nintendo, Sega Genesis, or Super Nintendo at thrift stores, flea markets or any sort of second hand store at which one can find the consoles. The sad fact about a great many of these machines is that they work only a portion of the time. This is because the newest generation of these vintage game consoles are nearing their 20th year in service. While Nintendo and…

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WWE 2K15 / Xbox One

This is the first WWE game that has been created for the next generation of consoles (Xbox One, Playstation 4) and it represents a considerable evolution from previous contributions to this franchise. This means that the overall renders of each of the superstars and divas are as realistic as models for stars like John Cena and Triple H are nearly as sharp as you would see them on shows like…

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MotoGP 14

The MotoGP franchise has long been the gold standard in racing games and the new iteration of MotoGP looks to take the unparalleled racing of previous versions to the current generation of consoles (the Sony Playstation 4, XBox One).