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The first Birthday is a significant turnover for both a child and parents. It’s a celebration of meeting, bonding and growing together of a family and it’s worth celebrating in grand style.

For the child, it’s a moment of meeting other relatives, friends and probably hosting so many guests and being the primary attention while for the parents it’s a moment of thanksgiving and sharing memorable experiences to family and friends experienced during the past year.

Below are some of the tips you need to consider when organizing a first birthday party;


Bearing in mind the age of the birthday child and the expected children guests ensure the party takes place when they are most active so that they get to participate and enjoy the fun. Little children tend to strictly fall into their daily routine program naturally, so ensure you keep time and make it short at most 2 hours for maximum participation.

Toys and games

When planning for a first birthday party ensure there are plenty and variety of different toys and playing tools for children on that day. Children get bored very quickly especially if there is nothing entertaining and engaging.

You can hire equipment fromkid’s party entertainment companies. Things like bouncing castles, trampolines and many more will make the children who come for this party yearn for more. There are also child minders that keep the children entertained through challenge games such as hide and seek, police and robbers – all  which can be played by both children and adults.

During fine weather opt for outdoor

Children love space and especially when they have playmates around. Birthday Outdoor event is easier to manage and monitor the children at the same time attend to the invited guests.

An outdoor event allows ease of movement for guests and every program planned for the event can be done without much disruption, for example, serving food, drinks and snacks, photo shooting, cutting the cake, playing games and many more can be done without need of changing position or moving furniture.

Setting separate self-service tables for children and adults

During a first birthday party food preparation and serving should be done with a lot of caution preferably having separate meals for children and adults. This is because children servings should be children friendly according to their age and use unbreakable utensils that they can easily handle and also the right temperatures unlike for adults.

The children serving table should be accessible to them according to their height, and the older kids can be given the responsibility of serving and helping the younger ones to feed.

Also having a self-service set up helps you as a parent to have time to focus on your child and ensure he/she has fun and enjoys his/her day.

Photo taking

This is a very important session that preserves the memory of this day long after the event.

Bearing in mind the age of the birthday child it is better to have a pre-photo session before guests arrive, this is because children tend to shy off or shriek when unknown people to them get around them. You can buy them a personal birthday cake for their snap photo to be taken when they are around the immediate family, and there are all smiles smashing the cake on themselves.

It’s a photo worth lots of beautiful memories when they flip through the scrapbook years after.

During the event, you can instruct as many snapshots as possible are taken randomly and also organized ones for family and friends using two or more cameras. The purpose of taking many photos using more than one camera is to allow you to have a variety of selection that you can preserve for your child in their albums or electronic memory-cards for future viewing.

Apart from photos, you can also invest in having a video taken during the event for future viewing.

Delegate Duties

This is the first birthday party for your child; your child doesn’t yet understand that so your uncompromised presence attention is required by them to ensure he/she enjoys that day. Imagine your birthday champion crying all the time for your attention on his/her birthday as you run around to serve guest… It doesn’t make sense at all.

Delegate duties like cooking, serving to reliable people. Also, older kids can be assigned tasks to check on the younger ones while playing to avoid accidents.

These will help you to prepare yourself and the birthday lad well in advance and not look fatigued during the event and baby can have an enjoyable day with all the confidence because of your presence.

In conclusion, the first time birthday is worth celebrating. It’s a significant milestone for a child and a worthwhile achievement for the parents. The pictures and videos for the event are worth preserving for future memorable moments.

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