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Considering it’s in the name of the actual space, your bath is perhaps the most important feature in a bathroom. Not only is it the most useful piece of equipment in the room, but in some cases, it can also become the centerpiece.

Therefore, choosing the correct bath to suit your space and design is important, but it can be made more complicated due to the many different bathing options there are. There are tubs out there that are designed to mimic the elegance of the past, as well as ones that incorporate many futuristic features to give you an enhanced bathing experience. Here are the different types of baths to help you choose the best one for your own bathroom.

Alcove Baths

Alcove baths are a popular option for many bathrooms, due in some part because of its discreet placement and how it uses space to make the entire bathroom appear larger and more comforting. An alcove bath is installed against a wall on two or three sides, tucking it away in one corner of the room.

These baths are usually found with showers over them, giving owners the option on how they wish to wash. Due to their placement, it’s important to choose baths that complement or even match the wall tiles when designing a bathroom, due to their close proximity. These baths have been traditionally made from enamel coated steel but they have now shifted to acrylic or fiberglass, making them more lightweight, yet still durable, which helps with installation.

Steel Bathtubs

These types of baths are a much more hard-wearing and durable option, making them great alternative for family bathrooms where it’s expected to get a lot of use. Due to their striking material, these baths make a good option for centerpiece bathtubs, particularly in free standing baths.

The benefits of steel baths are extensive, as they offer immense stability meaning they can support a large amount of weight, offer unlimited hygiene due to being easy to clean, have a high resistance to damage such as scratches and scuffs, and are assured to last a long time. This makes them a fairly expensive option, but they are worth the investment and are becoming extremely popular. These types of baths can be found in many showrooms worldwide, particularly at

Whirlpool Baths

Not that long ago, whirlpool baths were primarily available for luxury hotels and fancy getaways, but they are now available for residential properties at an extremely reasonable price. A whirlpool bath is perfect for those who want to maximize their relaxation when bathing, as the inbuilt jet stream mimics that of a jacuzzi and can relieve aches and pains while also improving circulation through a hydrotherapy.

The options of whirlpool baths can range from huge hot tubs that can fit multiple people, or more compact corner baths that can fit in the smallest of bathrooms. These are generally more suited to privacy, providing a relaxing sanctuary for one person.

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