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If you spend a lot of time outside, you are probably familiar with the nuisance of dry skin. Exposure to the elements, especially the sun, can take a toll on your skin health. When left untreated, dry skin can progress to becoming red, itchy and even develop cracks. Over time, skin can show signs of aging like wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

You can prevent your skin from becoming irritated and even heal skin damaged by paying attention and practising a few self-care tips.


Keep Your Skin Clean

When you are experiencing dry skin, especially if your skin has formed any cracks or breaks, it’s important that you keep it clean. Dirt and other substances can get into even a small tear in your skin and cause infection.

Another reason that clean skin is a necessity is that the topical creams and treatments you apply have a chance to do their job. A quality skin cream like an Australian made hand moisturiser will go a long way to keeping your skin looking and feeling soft and smooth. Thoroughly cleanse your skin of any dirt and sweat beforehand so that the cream can absorb more easily.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Many soaps can be abrasive and drying to your sensitive skin. Read the labels of the products you buy and try to stick with natural ingredients where possible. Chemical-laden soaps and laundry detergents are a big factor in how your skin feels. Even the cleaners you use at home can rub off surfaces and irritate your skin.

Pay attention to what may be triggering your dry skin. You may need to switch the household products that you use to find relief.



Gentle exfoliation once or twice each week can help to slough off the dry, dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling more healthy. Be careful not to overdo it. A washcloth or loofah with a small amount of skin scrub can do the job. You should never apply so much pressure that you feel discomfort. Overuse of exfoliating techniques can cause microtears in your skin and make the problem worse instead of better.


Apply a Moisturiser

One of the best things you can do for your dry and cracked skin is to slather on a good-quality moisturiser. This is especially effective right after your bath or shower to help lock in the moisture. Try to avoid bathing in hot water as this is another culprit that causes dry skin.

You should apply moisturiser to your entire body at least once per day. Your face and hands should be treated several times. Make sure that you also apply sunscreen to your face and other exposed skin.


Run a Humidifier

Dry air will naturally lead to dryer, uncomfortable skin. You can do your skin a favour by running a humidifier in your home to keep some moisture in the air. Place one in the common areas that you spend a lot of time in. A humidifier in your bedroom can also help ease your airways and allow you to get a better night’s sleep.


Wear the Right Clothing

The type of clothing that you wear can impact the health of your skin. Cotton is a great choice because it allows your skin to breathe. Other fabrics, like wool, can be irritating and will exacerbate the problem if you are already dealing with dry and itchy skin.

With a little extra care, you can protect your skin from harm and keep your youthful, fresh-faced appearance for longer. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and deserves to be pampered, especially your face and hands consistently exposed to the weather.

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