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There are many similarities between flirting and sexting, and it can be hard to tell when you’ve moved from one to the other. Sometimes a flirtation can be very sexual, and sexting can be very flirty. The line is even more blurry if you’re interacting primarily online because you don’t have their tone of voice or facial expressions to help you interpret their meaning. So, what’s the difference between flirting and sexting, and how can you take a flirty conversation into sexting territory? Below are some tips.

What Flirting Is

Have you ever wondered if someone is flirting with you? Picking up on social cues is hard for a lot of people because they are so subjective. Research has shown that only 18% of women can tell when someone is flirting with them, so don’t feel bad if you never seem to know if the cute server is attracted to you. One person may use teasing to flirt, while someone else might consider that downright rude. It’s hard to be sure.

In general, showing interest in someone beyond the confines of friendship is definitely flirting territory. If you’re together, do they move closer to you? Do you make a lot of eye contact? Do your lunch dates always seem to go longer than expected? When you hug goodbye, does it last a beat or two longer than normal? If so, you may be flirting with each other.

Keep in mind that flirting can be digital, too. If someone sees your Instagram story the moment you post it and reacts with heart-eye emojis, that could be considered flirting. Or if they tell you how great you look in every post or comment on all of your Twitter rants, they are probably letting you know that they are thinking of you. Likewise, whenever someone tries to increase the amount of time you spend together—even if that time is spent chatting over social media—it may constitute flirting.

When flirting, remember to be considerate of the other person’s boundaries. The best flirters are subtle rather than aggressive. So, show some restraint, especially if the person you’re flirting with has a partner.

If you want to move from flirting into sexting, go slowly but amp up the explicit comments. As long as you receive enthusiastic consent and positive responses, you can keep moving toward sexting. 

What Sexting Is

While flirting may include compliments about your appearance, sexting goes the extra mile. Sexting may involve both of you making requests of each other, too, like sending explicit photos or talking about your latest fantasy. Whereas flirting may incorporate a little sexual banter, sexting is going to center around sex. If you’re sending racy photos and talking about what you’d like to do to each other, then you’re definitely sexting.

If you’re sexting, it’s essential to be a good sexter so that your partner enjoys the experience as much as you do. Here are some tips from an expert on sexting on how you can take better photos that will help you level up your sexting skills.

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A Few Important Differences Between Flirting and Sexting

Here’s a good guideline for determining whether or not you’re flirting or sexting: what would happen if your mom read your latest text? Would she smile and comment on how much your friend seems to like you? Or would she get really pale, hand your phone back to you, and never speak of it again? If it’s the latter, you’re sexting.

If you’re in a relationship, sometimes the line between flirting and sexting will correspond with fidelity, meaning that while innocent flirting is okay, sexting is decidedly not. People who are coupled up should talk about where they draw the line so that they don’t get into relationship trouble. For example, if you’re being friendly with someone and wouldn’t care if your partner saw your texts, you’re probably just flirting. But if your partner would definitely care or perhaps even consider ending the relationship, you might be sexting.

Where to Find Someone to Flirt or Sext With

If you want to get better at sexting, flirting, and knowing the difference, all you need is some practice. Go online and find a flirting or sexting buddy and give them everything you’ve got until you feel comfortable being vulnerable, playful, and flirtatious with people that you’re attracted to. Remember to use a sexting site that will protect your information and ensure everyone on the site is an adult so that you can focus on having a fun and carefree time sexting!

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