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There is so much more to the UK than just London, so if you’ve planned a large trip to the country, schedule a day or two to explore the area. Even if you don’t leave the southern part of the country, there is so much to do to enrich your experience and get more out of your trip. One of the top destinations for a short break away from The Big Smoke is Bristol. Bristol is the center for sustainability and a hotspot for arts and culture, making it a fun choice for a weekend or a two-day trip away.


Where to Eat in Bristol

You’re spoiled for choice in Bristol when it comes to food and drink, thanks to the many independent options. From cafes to full sit-down restaurants, there will be something for you regardless of your taste. One thing to keep in mind – and this applies to eating out anywhere – is that your best option is to always choose a destination that allows for sharing. Even if it’s not a tapas-style bar, sharing meals and sides is a great way to boost your flavor exploration. You can even order in from many of the top choices instead, which is a particularly great tip if you have a top AirBnB or vacation rental that you want to spend more time in.

You can order plenty of classic and delicious Indian dishes from, for example, and have a massive spread in your stunning AirBnB. This way, you get the best of both worlds and can also have a great selection of leftovers to keep you going throughout your time in Bristol.

What to See in Bristol

There are many great things to see in Bristol, including:

  • Clifton Suspension Bridge
  • Brandon Hill
  • Cabot Circus
  • Floating Harbour
  • Snuff Mills
  • Leigh Woods
  • And more!

What to Do in Bristol

There is so much to do in Bristol:

Visit the Art Museums

Bristol is home to a lot of art, and you don’t even need to go inside a building to see it. Though the street art is top-notch, the art galleries are not something to be missed on your city break to Bristol. Once again, you’ll want to look ahead of time to see if there’s any interesting exhibits going on since these will help make your short trip to Bristol something memorable and special.

Attend the Markets

Markets are a great way to eat well, enjoy yourself, and find something special to buy. While there are many markets throughout Bristol, the big ones are the St Nicholas markets. These famous markets cover everything, though they’re each held on different days. There’s a night market, flea market, farmer’s market, and more to be enjoyed. Don’t assume that they’re all on a Saturday, either, although if you have just one day to go, the Friday/Saturday is your best bet.

Go to Live Events

Another great way to make your trip to Bristol special is to go to a live event. There are music gigs all year round at various music venues in the city. In the summer, however, there is a host of events, from festivals to markets. Before you book a train ticket, always check online to see if there’s an event you’re interested in that can really make your short excursion away special.

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