ALUK TODOLO Release Voix 2/5

Aluk Todolo returned to the studio during May – June 2015 to record their fourth album, entitled Voix (“voice[s]” in French). And now, the album is set for European release on February 5th via Norma Evangelium Diaboli [NED] (same date in North America via The Ajna Offensive).ALUK TODOLO Continue reading “ALUK TODOLO Release Voix 2/5”

MaxCasino will help you to dispel boredom and apathy!

Every good player knows that one of the most important points in the game is to choose the place where it would be most comfortable to play. Among such comfortable places, we offer you a relatively young institution, but it has already established itself as a well casino – MaxCasino. The external design of any gambling establishment is the key to the hearts of players and the developers of MaxCasino know this. Everything is done in a fairly dark, calm tones. The site structure is built in such a way that everything seems close at hand, and the user does not have to scroll long, read and click a lot of pages to find information

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The Shrine Release Coming Down Quick Video

The Shrine have released the video for “Coming Down Quick” from their upcoming Century Media Records debut, Rare Breed. The record will see a release on January 15, 2016 (with extended content) in North America. Produced by Dave Jerden (Alice In Chains’ Dirt, Jane’s Addition’s Nothing’s Shocking, Social Distortion’s self-titled, The Offspring’s Ixnay On The Hombre and Eno/Byrne’s My Life In The Bush of Ghosts); the track was recorded through the very amp that Greg Ginn recorded Black Flag’s Damaged on.

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Nicolas Meier with Jimmy Haslip & Vinnie Colaiuta Record Music for 2016 Album

Nicolas Meier has recorded material for his ground-breaking new studio album at the MegaTrax Studios on September 19 and 20, under the auspices of MoonJune Music, before his departure to Japan with Jeff Beck. The core trio includes Nicolas on acoustic guitar and glissentar, fusion icon Jimmy Haslip on bass, and the otherworldly timekeeping of Vinnie Colaiuta on drums. The album will feature a number of special guests and surprises, and should witness even more new directions from the fresh, innovative, chameleon-like musical stylings of Meier. Continue reading “Nicolas Meier with Jimmy Haslip & Vinnie Colaiuta Record Music for 2016 Album”

Your Guide to Taking a Wildlife Conservation Based Gap Year

Taking a gap year is a great way to travel, try out new things, meet new people, and enjoy a variety of experiences that will help you figure out who you are and what you really want out of life. And if you love animals and the environment, you can take advantage of myriad opportunities to assist in wildlife conservation during your time off from school and work. Continue reading “Your Guide to Taking a Wildlife Conservation Based Gap Year”

Congressional Gun Debate Looming

The 2014 Congressional elections saw major Republican victories across the United States. Republicans have long been the party of gun owners’ rights, and they are looking to push a pro-gun agenda during their time in Congress this year. There are a number of new legislative items on the docket, and several of them deal directly with firearms. Continue reading “Congressional Gun Debate Looming”

Red Bull Music Academy Livestreams Movement Music Festival

Movement Electronic Music Festival, a showcase of the up-and-comers, local luminaries, pioneers and trailblazers in Techno, House, Hip-Hop and more has partnered again with Red Bull Music Academy to curate a stage during the festival, taking place at Detroit’s legendary Hart Plaza on Memorial Day weekend, May 23-25, 2015. RBMA Radio – a long-standing destination for the best curated live sets, fireside chats and headphone highlights – will be broadcasting selected artists sets from this weekend’s festival at Hart Plaza. Continue reading “Red Bull Music Academy Livestreams Movement Music Festival”

The Aristocrats Announce Tres Caballeros Tracklist, Release Date

The Aristocrats – featuring Guthrie Govan on guitar, Bryan Beller on bass, and Marco Minnemann on drums – can now reveal the cover art and track listing for their third studio album Tres Caballeros, which is due for an early summer release. The album will be released in a Standard Edition (CD) and Deluxe Edition (CD/DVD), which will include a 30-minute documentary featuring live and in-studio footage, outtakes, demos, and more. Continue reading “The Aristocrats Announce Tres Caballeros Tracklist, Release Date”

DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer Review


The intuitive nature of the DaVinci Ascent allows individuals to easily find the temperature that they would like for their herbs. The easy to read screen allows users to know precisely the level at which they would like to vaporize their plant material. The product is able to impart the effect of medicinal material without having to combust it.

The Ascent is very light and will fit into any sort of purse, satchel, or messenger bag. The glass portion of the Ascent is telescoping, ensuring that it does not get sheared off or will break or chip. The only thing that I would have liked to see with the Ascent would be a hard stop for this stem. If one is unfamiliar with the vaporizer, there is a chance (albeit small) that they may pull the glass piece out. The receptacle for the plant material is sufficiently deep that the Ascent will provide vapor for a few minutes of sustained drags, without having to burn or miss out on vaporizing some portion of the material. The buttons on the vaporizer are easy to identify, press, and will not be altered through passing around the device. One has to want to use the button in order to register any chance, making this a solid addition for anyone that has social outings with the device.

An Ascent Vaporizer can be purchased for around $250; the product package comes with an additional mouthpiece stem, oil jars, a carrying case, and a charger. The company sells the Ascent online at their main domain; visit it today for more information about the color schemes and the company’s other devices.

Rating: 9.0/10


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