Heartless Bastards – The Mountain (CD)

With a new lineup backing up the only original member Erika Wennerstrom and a new surrounding city in Austin, Texas what’s the newest release from Heartless Bastards going to sound like? I’m a long time fan of Heartless Bastards so when I was handed their latest release I was pretty excited to find out just that. Known for their no frills rock and roll sound and the blasting vocals of Wennerstrom, The Mountain doesn’t disappoint. Throwing in some acoustic songs this time around along with the blasting rock and roll tracks shows off the talent of Wennerstrom who can go from shaking the house to singing a lullaby. Continue reading “Heartless Bastards – The Mountain (CD)”

Art Brut – Art Brut Vs. Satan (CD)

Art Brut one of the better pop driven indie-rock bands out there’s newest album Art Brut Vs. Satan, available April 21,2009, is another assshaker all the way. From songs about growing up to an ode to the “record buying public” and a great song about finding the greatness that is The Replacements, Art Brut Vs. Satan is another great album by Art Brut. Over eleven tracks they once again turn up the volume and force you to put on your dancing shoes, but not all the track are sugary sweet pop songs as theres some more mature natured songs also. Continue reading “Art Brut – Art Brut Vs. Satan (CD)”

Frances – All the While (CD)

So, let’s get down to business, All the While by Frances is one of those catchy Indie-Pop discs that everyone seems to have two or three of laying around for their hipper crowd of friends to enjoy. It’s a disc you can pop in the car and drive too, have a conversation with and sometimes even get out on the dance floor and shake your ass to. With some really great lyrics and musical talent Frances doesn’t go out on too many limbs keeping it pretty grounded in that Indie-Pop sound. Continue reading “Frances – All the While (CD)”

1090 Club – Natural Selection (CD)

Every so often I’m given the opportunity to review a band that has that something special and I usually tout it about that I’ve stumbled upon the next BIG thing. Well this time I’m almost certain that I have. 1090 Club, a four piece from Billings, Montana, sophomore release on SideCho Records titled Natural Selection is as complete as it gets. Over ten tracks 1090 Club completely grabs your attention and doesn’t let go at all. Collaborating with Steve Fisk (Nirvana,Sound Garden, Minus The Bear) on production has brought Natural Selection to a new level as you can hear it stretched over these ten stunning tracks as the mix of obvious natural talent and the know how of Fisk could very well make Natural Selection one of the biggest releases of the year once the bomb drops and the world is exposed to 1090 Club. Continue reading “1090 Club – Natural Selection (CD)”

What nineteen means to me.

What nineteen means to me.
A very, very short essay by Kristopher Shepard

I’m nineteen-years of age not old or young like some would say. Just plain ol’ nineteen, stuck between becoming an adult in the eyes of the Constitution and leaving my teen years behind me. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about that for a while now, why does nineteen suck the big one so much? It’s simple, this is about the time when life gets real fast and starts to blur so to catch up with it you go full speed at all times. Continue reading “What nineteen means to me.”

Top 5 Christmas/Holiday Tracks

It’s the holiday’s whoop-dee fucking shit. Obviously, I’m not the most spirited person this time of year. I really despise the snow and the whole green and red color scheme. But, there’s always one upside and that’s excellent songs about the wonderful Christmas holiday, here’s my top five list of songs that you should listen to while getting fat on cookies and ham. Continue reading “Top 5 Christmas/Holiday Tracks”

The Pink Spiders – Sweat It Out (CD)

I must be getting soft in my old age of nineteen. I know what you’re thinking reader, ‘nineteen? psh..’ but in “scene years” I’m as old as dirt and should have dropped out ages ago for a life of courdroy pants and synthesized goodness. Well, I just can’t but after listening to The Pink Spiders latest release sadly but truly I’m getting soft but who would feel all warm and fuzzy inside after listening to this album? Offering up thirteen tracks to pop-rock nation, Sweat It Out is an incredibly well written and played album from begginign to end. And as it says on the cover “thirteen tales of heartbreak and jubilance” couldn’t hit it on the head any better. From the very first chord they had me hooked. Continue reading “The Pink Spiders – Sweat It Out (CD)”

Copper Sails – Hiding Place (CD)

Calling all Radiohead fans, calling all Radiohead fans we have discovered something just for you! Copper Sails hailing from Virginia offer up an album that drifts in and out with a very relaxing sonic experience. Copper Sails taking licks from bands like Radiohead and Dead Cab for Cutie have reached a wide fan base that only seems to get bigger and are ready to strike while I guess the copper is hot. Continue reading “Copper Sails – Hiding Place (CD)”

Modern Skirts – All of Us in Our Night (CD)

So the first thing I see on Modern Skirts – All of Us in Our Night is some big name producers in the indie rock game, big fucking deal that won’t sway me and sadly neither did Modern Skirts. I remember when Shins fever took over shortly after Garden State came out and totally rocked skinny pale kids everywhere to their very score. Continue reading “Modern Skirts – All of Us in Our Night (CD)”

The Rockwells – Place & Time (CD)

The Rockwells are a breath of fresh air with this tour de force of a full length. “Place & Time” offers the listener thirteen dance your pants off tunes with that ability to keep you interested beyond shaking your ass. And to those of us who aren’t wearing pants we got at the junior miss section of Fashion Bug, Rockwells is an intimate album that has plenty to offer a more mature taste. Continue reading “The Rockwells – Place & Time (CD)”