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Recaro Roadster Convertible Car Seat

We have had experience with a number of different brands of car seats over the course of the last year or so. While it seems that everybody has a certain base level of quality that they achieve with their products,  there is considerable difference in terms of the fit and the overall comfort of the car seat to the child between brands.

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KoalaSafe Internet Router a must-have

One of the key issues that happens when we are in an increasingly interconnected world is that it seems like any sort of device has the ability to jump online. It does not matter whether it is a tablet, laptop or phone, it is a hop, skip, & a jump to get connect. When a parent wants to go and ensure that a child does their chores, has to go…

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Joovy Zoom 360 Jogging Stroller

We have operated our health and fitness section at NeuFutur for a number o fyears but have not had a product that is equally able to benefit younger and older members of the family. While a great many strollers make it possible to bring young children on longer or more remote journeys, a number of them require that parents or caretakers have to take a more leisurely pace. Joovy has…

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Dreamliner Travel Bassinet

A major cause for concern for parents that are out on the road is that their child will be intimated by their new surroundings. We were at the Glidden House Hotel in Cleveland, Ohio a few weeks ago and got little in the way of rest because our daughter did not feel comfortable and cozy enough to fall asleep. To combat this feeling of loneliness, Diono offers their Dreamliner Travel Bassinet. 

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Annie B’s Caramels

There is a sense among firms selling chocolate caramels that a perfect sort of flavor has been found, decreasing the potential of new products to come through in a bold fashion. Annie B’s dedication to doing candy right while providing their own unique flair means that they are able to impart a considerable depth to their products. This is why we were excited when we received a few pounds of…

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Back to School: How to Ensure Your Kids Stay Stylish this Year

There are many things to think about before kids go back to school – and a lot of kit to buy. In days gone by, children had to adhere rigidly to a school uniform and no exceptions were made. It was difficult for a child to assert their individuality and any deviation from the rules usually meant a stint in detention. These days, life is very different, and although many…

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Diono Buggy Tech Tote

One of the most major complaints that one has while they are walking with the stroller is the sheer paucity of space that is present on the device. There is a major concern about the balance of bags or other material being placed on the back arms of a stroller, something that means that most parents and caretaker as well be uncomfortable rather than having their full attention paid to…

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Peppa Pig: The Golden Boots DVD Review

There is a new Peppa Pig release, The Golden Boots, out on the market and it stands apart from other children’s releases in that it contains about double the amount of episodes that one would typically receive on a kids-themed DVD. The release has the ability for individuals to go and play the entirety of the DVD while an episode list (aside from the feature, this DVD includes episodes including…

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Adiri NxGen Nurser Slow Flow Baby Bottle

The baby bottle is something that seems incredibly simple and that technology would have found the precise design and amount of extras that would be perfect for ferrying milk into an infant’s mouth. What is actually the case is that the average bottle is something that could be improved upon. There is a bottle by Adiri that reinvents what the object is and will hopefully get infants the milk they…

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Baby ComfyNose (Nasal Aspirator)

One of the most difficult tasks that a parent has to do with a young child has to be the aspiration of their nose. The child or infant does not have the ability to go and blow their nose so a parent has to go and use one of many different sorts of devices to manually extricate material from the nose. The aspirator that we received from the Baby Comfy…