Creative Iroar Go Weatherproof Bluetooth Speaker

The Iroar Go Weatherproof Bluetooth Speaker from Creative is a perfect purchase for the summer months. It will yield tremendous sound that is surprisingly loud for the a device size of the Iroar Go. The speakers provide great highs and lows, ensuring that one can bounce through rap, rock, and even podcasts without the sound seeming distorted or otherwise “off”. This is largely done through the “Roar” button which provides an equalization effect that is a bit more customized than factory settings. The speaker can be placed in one of two distinct configurations, allowing for a wider radius or a more in-your-face sort of sound.  Continue reading “Creative Iroar Go Weatherproof Bluetooth Speaker”

HyperX Pulsefire FPS Gaming Mouse

The HyperX Pulsefire FPS Gaming Mouse is a perfect addition to a gamer’s rig, especially for those that like customization with their products. This customization comes in a variety of DPI settings and a six-button setup. The light weight of the Pulsefire along with its ergonomic design makes it something that blends together rapid movements with finesse. There is a fair amount of clearance for the infrared sensor, making it better able to deal with smaller amounts of detritus. The braided cord of the Pulsefire ensures that one will not need to fuss with the mouse cord each time it becomes knotted. The company’s use of Omron switches provide a solid feel for the mouse, while the skates (small flat patches on the bottom of the mouse) are sufficiently large to decrease the overall friction of the mouse on one’s mousepad. Continue reading “HyperX Pulsefire FPS Gaming Mouse”

Sound BlasterX Kratos S3, the perfect intro speakers

This 2.1 set up is the perfect set of speakers for anyone that is looking to create a computer build or those that are looking to move past headphones and into a set that will accurately reproduce a wide variety of media, be it bass-heavy rap, crystal-clear dialogue, or a bevy of noises generated by a computer game. Continue reading “Sound BlasterX Kratos S3, the perfect intro speakers”

The Goze cellphone case takes damage in stride

The Goze cellphone case is a great bang for one’s buck; the device comes in a array of configurations. We were lucky enough to receive their Theater version which contains an additional flap of material to allow one to prop up their device should they wish to watch a movie or video. This is perhaps the best way to placate a child in a busy public place (such as meetings, meals at restaurants). The device encases our Samsung easily with large enough in the way of openings to plug-in a set of headphones, no matter how the end has been designed. Continue reading “The Goze cellphone case takes damage in stride”

PREM31R, a versatile portable vape

Having a vaporizer that is able to make use of all of the varieties of plant material, whether crafted into oil, a wax format, or the dry her b itself is incredibly essential. For those that have a medical card for marijuana, the different products have different benefits for one’s health. BlackoutX has made a portable vaporizer that deals with each type of material. We were quite surprised at how easy it was to move between each format; the liquid/wax cups that one uses in the PREM31R Vape are durable and can easily be restored to a pristine condition. We were surprised at the duration of the vape’s battery, which at a full charge can keep one using it through four or five sessions. Re-charging the vaporizer is easy, just needing to use a computer’s USB port, a portable battery, or a properly-outfitted outlet to charge. For those wanting a specific experience during their session, the PREM31R’s temperature can be changed to 375, 410, or 445. These presets are fantastic when one has a different viscosity or moisture to the product being vaporized.  Continue reading “PREM31R, a versatile portable vape”

JBL E55BT Over-Ear Wireless Headphones

We have reviewed a number of different headphone options for the electronics section at NeuFutur magazine. This year amount of variation that exists in terms of the overall quality is substantial to the degree that one really needs to do some research when it comes to purchasing a pair of headphones. We had a pair of the JBL E55BT Over-Ear Wireless Headphones dropped down to our headquarters a few days back and we were pleasantly surprised at the level of quality that these entry-priced products have. Continue reading “JBL E55BT Over-Ear Wireless Headphones”

HyperX CloudX headphones, a value-priced must-have

We were quite taken back with the value of Kingston’s HyperX CloudX headphones. Priced at around $100, these headphones do a tremendous job in providing purchasers with a faithful reproduction of every voice, song, and other nuance that occurs whenever they are playing a video game or staying active online. Continue reading “HyperX CloudX headphones, a value-priced must-have”

Elements Headphones (BiGR Audio)

We received a pair of the Elements Headphones from BiGR Audio a few days ago and are pleasantly surprised that the overall quality for the price point at which they’ve been located. Coming in a ornate wooden box that allows individuals the ability to go and put them up when they are being used, Elements Headphones are a solid blend of smart design and capable speakers making for a product that works equally well no matter whether one is looking to play video games, podcast, or rock out to music. We were quite astonished at the richness and clarity of the sound that was reproduced with the Elements headphones. Over a wide variety of genres the headphones were able to faithfully reproduce every drum beat, hook and guitar line which an act provides to their listeners. Continue reading “Elements Headphones (BiGR Audio)”

Tweedz Braided Headphones

With the announcement of the iPhone and it’s current challenge to existing headphones it inspired us to locate earbuds and headphones that address some of the problems that typically exist with the products. The Tweedz Braided Headphones which are available for about $35 seek to counter one of the most noxious and irritating problems that one will find after a few weeks of normal use. Continue reading “Tweedz Braided Headphones”

Sharkoon Skiller Pro Gaming Keyboard

There are a number of gaming keyboards that are all vying for market space. The sheer range of quality means that one can purchase a keyboard from about $20 out to a price point exceeding $300 for some of the professional gaming models. We received the Sharkoon Skiller Pro Gaming Keyboard for review that is on the lower end of prices ($29.99 at online retailers) but at no point should individuals consider this to be on the bottom end of quality. Continue reading “Sharkoon Skiller Pro Gaming Keyboard”