Warhammer: Chaosbane (Xbox One)

Warhammer: Chaosbane was one of the titles that we’ve been waiting for since it was initially introduced. Luckily for us, we received a code to check out the title before it left beta. The title is able to both build upon the tradition of overhead RPGs like Diablo and Torchlight while delving deeply into the lore that has been built up for the last thirty years by Games Warehouse.

The title’s archetypes are separated well enough to keep the replay value of the title high. Rushing attacks, subtlety, magic, and healing spells just seem different. The learning curve for the title ensures that even younger players will be able to hack and slash with the rest of them, but that theory-crafters will be able to titillate themselves with different rotations. The game does well to ensure that the lower levels go by fairly quickly, providing players with a few distinct abilities. Gear drops with a decent frequency, while high-quality items occur just commonly enough that one gets jazzed up when something new drops.

We’re impressed with the graphics that WC brings to the table. The frame rate remains high even during battles with numbers of baddies. The aesthetic choices presented in-game are able to keep the overall atmosphere of a dungeon crawler intact while subjecting players to a mass of mottled colors.

One could do a lot worse with your money (wasting time at an online roulette casino, anyone?) than Warhammer: Chaosbane. We’re excited to see what else will get built into the game before the title goes live.

Warhammer Chaosbane will make its way onto the PlayStation 4, Xbox One as well as on the Steam Store sometime later this year. Deluxe and Magnus Editions are available above the retail edition ($49.99), which provide further gold, emote packs, pets, and the ability to check out the game a few days before its’ June release date.

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Black Desert Online: Continuing to Remain Strong

The wife and I have been fans of MMORPGs for quite a few years and have been active on titles from a year or two on different offerings. The great many of these titles simply tried to recreate what has been done very successfully by early forays into the style without providing much difference to the overall play of the game. Continue reading “Black Desert Online: Continuing to Remain Strong”

The Deadly Tower of Monsters (PC)

The Deadly Tower of Monsters (PC, Available Now) is an interesting action game that goes and calls upon the rich tapestry of monster and other cult movies to create an engrossing experience for players. The game itself is fairly simple in that one needs to dispatch a variety of movie monsters including T-Rexes, octopi, monkeys and UFOs that feel pulled from movies of the modern (1950s-1960s) era. Continue reading “The Deadly Tower of Monsters (PC)”

Mysterium (PC Game)

A digital translation of a classic board game, Asmodee Digital’s Mysterium is a must-buy for anyone that is a fan of the physical game. The company has made a tittle that is bright, vibrant, and engrossing. Visual elements (animations, sound) are a nice touch to the game, with great enough depth to stay fresh after a number of games. The only issue that we experienced was the scrolling aspect; while it is a hard choice for the designers to have all the cards rendered visibly, it does take a minute to figure out what is going on.  Continue reading “Mysterium (PC Game)”

Upcoming 2016 Games

Some of you may know that I’ve always been an avid gamer. I play almost any roleplaying game that comes out for the PC. This past year I have played several games like Fallout 4 and Game of Thrones.Fallout_4_cover_art

I really enjoy using my computer to game because I don’t have to deal with the ever upgrading consoles like PlayStation or Xbox. It’s easier to replace items like RAM and video cards than to buy a whole different system.
When I play a video game I look for a few different things. First, topic. I don’t like games that you need a lot of back story to enjoy every game should be self-contained, tutorials should be learn as you go and take less than 10 minutes.

I don’t like games that take a long time to learn the rules. That’s why mobile games that are more casual are easy to play. My favorite mobile games are Candy Crush Saga, Yahtzee, and Pocket Mortys. I also enjoy card games like solitaire and blackjack and sometimes I like to try my luck and have my shoot of adrenaline on sites like Mansion Casino – they have lots of cool stuff on there and you can even play for free in practice mode. You can click here to try it.

I really think that gaming is a good way to relieve stress. Gaming can create another dimension where you can express yourself. For example, video games like Fallout 4 are even adding the ability to customize towns and structures in games combining the traditional RPG with simulation game, for a whole different experience.
2016 brings a New Year and whole new set of games to the table. Right now there are rumors that the Elder Scrolls series will be making another installment due before Christmas.

There is also talks the EA will be releasing the final game in the Mass Effect line, making 4 games in total. We really have a lot of new options coming later this year. One of the other games I’m hoping to another version of is World of Warcraft. When I was in college it was my favorite game. I use it as the gold standard when comparing the features of a new game. It makes it fun and exciting.

Superlux HMC631 Gaming Headset

The Superlux HMC631 Gaming Headset is a solid addition to the inventory of any player that would like a pair of headphones that are comfortable, customizable, and at the head of the class in regards to sound reproduction. The HMC631 headphones are able to playback music from bass-heavy (rap, EDM) to vocal-intricate (opera, country) genres in a compelling fashion. Furthermore, vocals (video game dialogue, phone calls) are clear and crisp without crackling or otherwise sounding muffled. When there are a multitude of voices / atmospheric noises, the HMC631 headset does not shudder from the challenge – everything is sorted out in a more than satisfying way. Continue reading “Superlux HMC631 Gaming Headset”

Crossfade M-100 Headphones (Shadow)

Priced at a hair under $250, the V-Moda Crossfade M-100s represent one of the best pairs of headphones that we have reviewed at NeuFutur. The rugged build quality of the headphones ensure that they will be able to be toted around and put through the normal rigors of everyday life without seeming the worse for wear. This is due to the considerable amount of metal (rather than plastic) that are used in the creation of the headset;  The fidelity of the playback of the M-100s ensures that listeners will be greeted with lows, highs, treble, and enough bass to make any music shine brilliantly. The quality of the audio is leaps and bounds above other products as a meeting of the audiophile minds have ensured that purchasers will be given the truest recreation of whatever music or voices that are present. Continue reading “Crossfade M-100 Headphones (Shadow)”

Turtle Beach Ear Force XO SEVEN Gaming Headset

The gulf in quality between the best and the most lacking headphones available for the Xbox One is considerable. The Ear Force XO SEVEN gaming headsets by Turtle Beach represent the high end of the spectrum, marrying an approachable price point ($100-150) to a rugged build and large amount of functions. The audio produced by the 50mm Neodymium drivers allow for faithful reproduction of the highs and lows. Voices (whether in-game or player responses) are audible and capture the high and low sides of things. The ability of the headset to produce a large number of sounds and keep them separate no matter how busy things get is perhaps the strongest check in support for the XO SEVENs. Continue reading “Turtle Beach Ear Force XO SEVEN Gaming Headset”

Digimon All Star Rumble



There is a dedicated fan base for Digimon that has clamored for a new fighting style game. The All Star Rumble that has just been released by Namco Bandai looks to fill this hole. The game is able discount on all cylinders to provide fans and gamers with a compelling and fun title.

The thing that one will immediately notice is that the character design seems ripped from the Digimon cartoon. After this initial fact players will be able to get their hands dirty and this is where the game truly shines. There is a control system that is used by Digimon All Star Rumble that will allow players of all ages the ability to win somewhat easily while taking considerable amounts of time to truly master the game. The title has distinct control patterns that have been programmed for each of the included characters meaning that one will feel as if they are stepping into the life of their favorite Digimon character – this isn’t just a set of reskins that a company is hoping will work but rather a well balanced and always interesting set of playable characters.

To speak a little more about the balancing there is always a sense that one could go and win out against any of the game’s playable characters as there does not seem to be any really bad match ups. The game is available for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles and is available from a wide array of online and brick and mortar locations. The video game would be a perfect purchase for a birthday party, as a holiday gift or for somebody that appreciates fighting games or the Digimon storyline. Keep an eye on the Bandai Namco website for additional information about the 2014 and 15 slate of releases.
Rating: 9.0/10

Digimon All Star Rumble / PlayStation 3 / Bandai Namco Games /  http://www.bandainamcogames.com/

RetroN 3 Gaming Console

One can purchase a Nintendo, Sega Genesis, or Super Nintendo at thrift stores, flea markets or any sort of second hand store at which one can find the consoles. The sad fact about a great many of these machines is that they work only a portion of the time. This is because the newest generation of these vintage game consoles are nearing their 20th year in service. While Nintendo and Sega created rugged machines that would stand up to the incessant beating and neglect of the younger audience, the ravages of time make purchasing one of these consoles a tricky if not downright dangerous proposition. Luckily there are companies that are creating consoles that will play older video games without the same set of problems that typically arise when using old technology. Continue reading “RetroN 3 Gaming Console”