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Atomic Pumpkin (New Belgium)

The beer pours with a bright orange color and only the smallest amount of off-white head. The inclusion of chilis into a pumpkin beer is amazing as it provides a crisp body and just enough in the way of fire to keep things energetic from one’s first sip all the way through the end of the brew. While New Belgium’s latest season is undoubtedly assertive enough to keep imbibers warm…

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KBS – Espresso and Mackinac Fudge (Founders)

Founders has normalized a few of the variants of KBS this year around with specialty 4-packs of their Kentucky Breakfast Stout. Of course, the company is making their mainline version (12% ABV) available as well. We were fortunate and received samples of each of 2020’s version of KBS. KBS – 2020’s KBS is well-balanced, ensuring that there is a bit of a burn in the initial sip. Hints of toasted…

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Hoku-lele Tiki-Inspired Tropical Ale (Ecliptic Brewing)

NeuFutur has previously covered Ecliptic’s Vega #6, Sedna, Callisto, Orange Giant barleywine , Five Years / Five Beers (Hazy Double IPA), and Meridian Vanilla Stout in the last few years. Check out Ecliptic’s domain for more information about their full array of beers plus the latest in information about their offerings. Hoku-lele Tiki-Inspired Tropical Ale (Ecliptic Brewing) / 8% ABV / 16 IBU /  Facebook / Twitter

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Call Me Hazy (Perrin Brewing)

Call Me Hazy pours with a straw colored yellow color and about a pinky’s worth of white foam and laces itself down the way of the glass. The nose does not provide imbibers with much in the way of hints about what is to come, aside from the briefest touch of wheat and fruity (citrus) elements. When one is actually able to take their first draw from the can, they…

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Santa Monica Brew Works Releases “Spread Love” IPA Supporting Meals On Wheels West

Text graciously provided by Solters / Santa Monica Brew Works. Santa Monica Brew Works (SMBW) announces the release of “Spread Love” Juicy IPA, launching Saturday, June 27th. “Spread Love” will be available in 4-packs of 16 oz. cans to-go from the brewery’s Tasting Room in Santa Monica (1920 Colorado Ave.). A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each 4-pack will be donated to Meals On Wheels West, helping…

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San Franpsycho IPA (Anchor Brewing)

2020 marks the third time that Anchor Brewing and San Franpsycho have teamed up to create an India Pale Ale that exemplifies the spirit of the city. This time around, the duo have released an IPA that utilizes apricots and peaches to give a little tartness to the oftentimes sweeter juicy IPA style. The brew pours with a darker yellow / goldenrod coloration and a little less than a finger’s…

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Wild Basin Boozy Sparkling Water (Oskar Blues)

If anyone digs into the alcohol review section here at NeuFutur, it should be pretty obvious that we like our high-octane stouts and bitter AF India Pale Ales. I must admit I’ve scoffed at the shift towards lighter flavored seltzers and pilsners over the course of the last few years, but Oskar Blues has crafted a tetrad of offerings that bit in perfectly alongside their other efforts. Wild Basin, Oskar…

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Ecliptic Brewing Releases SunRay Juicy IPA Summer ’20

{Shamelessly grabbed from Ecliptic Brewing) Ecliptic Brewing of Portland, Oregon is excited to release their newest beer in their Seasonal Series: SunRay Juicy IPA. Offered in 12-ounce cans, the beer is set to hit store shelves in mid May. SunRay Juicy IPA is brewed with Bru-1 and Idaho 7 hops and 100% Pale Malt. Together these hops pack a punch of juicy flavor, with heavy notes of tropical fruit and…

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BA 20: Volume 1: All Monde (Oskar Blues)

Over the course of 2020, Colorado’s Oskar Blues is releasing a number of barrel-aged varieties in cans. The line is starting out with All Monde, an over-the-top imperial stout utilizing toasted almonds and vanilla beans. Oskar Blues is utilizing continuous circulation of the stout through adjuncts in order to impart a deepness of flavor. While the decision to incorporate materials alongside the beer in the finishing process is not a…