Smoke Snort Swallow Shoot by Jacob Hoye

The idea behind this books seems a mix of cynicism and the morbid – running a series of excerpts from rock star bios focusing entirely on their drug stories. In realty, if we’re being honest, it actually makes for a wildly entertaining read. Continue reading “Smoke Snort Swallow Shoot by Jacob Hoye”

Date Night With Brian – EP (CD)

The bass-less trio, Date Night With Brian, make up for the missing instrument with solid drumming and a brilliant two guitar attack plan. The Seattle group combines a fantastic mix of classic ‘90s alt rocks influences (all the greats like Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth and Meat Puppets) with infectious hooks that keep the songs with you long after you’ve stopped listening. Continue reading “Date Night With Brian – EP (CD)”

Hite – Light of a Strange Day (CD)

Hite is the debut of a new band for Georgia native Julia Easterlin and it’s just as intriguing as her earlier efforts (most notable from her work with guitarist Vieux Farka Toure). This new project is a step away from her loop-heavy previous work. This collection finds her powerful voice floating above a quiet trance-like soundtrack for a strikingly powerful affect. Continue reading “Hite – Light of a Strange Day (CD)”

Gin Blossoms – New Miserable Experience and Congratulations, I’m Sorry (Vinyl)

Tempe-based rockers the Gin Blossoms didn’t have a long run with their initial go round – just three albums before breaking up in 1997 – but man, two of those records are now rightly considered classics. UMe is finally putting out 1992’s “New Miserable Experience” and 1996’s “Congratulations, I’m Sorry” out on limited edition colored vinyl just in time for the 25th anniversary of the former. Continue reading “Gin Blossoms – New Miserable Experience and Congratulations, I’m Sorry (Vinyl)”

Pink Floyd – The Early Years 1971 Reverber/ation (CD/DVD & Blu-ray)

In a stroke of genius, Pink Floyd Records has dug deep in the archives to pull out rare and oftentimes unreleased music and videos for this stunning Box Set. There are several of these sets that have just been released (including a massive 38 disc set) that chronicle the unpolished moments of one of the most enigmatic art bands to ever step into a recording studio. Continue reading “Pink Floyd – The Early Years 1971 Reverber/ation (CD/DVD & Blu-ray)”

Pink Floyd – The Final Cut; A Momentary Lapse of Reason (12” vinyl)

“The Final Cut” came at a pivotal time for Pink Floyd. Though it was the band’s 12th album, it was the follow up to the wildly successful musical epic “The Wall.” It would also be the last studio album to feature founding member Roger Waters. Released in 1983, “The Final Cut” was another concept album for the band set against the backdrop of war. Though it failed to live up to the sky-high expectation set with its predecessor, the record remains another brilliant piece of prog rock from one of the genre’s best. It’s been decades since the record was last put out on vinyl, but Legacy Records is re-releasing remastered versions of “The Final Cut” and it’s follow up, “A Momentary Lapse of Reason” on 180-gram vinyl. Continue reading “Pink Floyd – The Final Cut; A Momentary Lapse of Reason (12” vinyl)”

Lawrence Morrill Glass – Neanderthal (CD)

Before he uprooted his life and moved to Austin to make it as a musician, Lawrence Morrill Glass worked as a set designer in LA where he also had a hand in special effects, working on movies and TV ads. I have no idea how good he was at his last job, but if “Neanderthal” is a promise of things to come, he clearly made the right move becoming a folk/pop musician. Continue reading “Lawrence Morrill Glass – Neanderthal (CD)”

Louden Swain – No Time Like the Present (CD)

Yes, as a rule actors and musicians should stay in their own lanes. But like every rule there are exceptions and Rob Benedict, singer/guitarist for the LA-based indie rock band Louden Swain may just be one of those exceptions (I refuse to concede that Jared Leto is). Continue reading “Louden Swain – No Time Like the Present (CD)”

Haddon Hall – When David Invented Bowie by Nejib

In 1969, after his single “Space Oddity,” managed to garner a decent amount of attention, David Bowie with his wife Angie moved into a massive house in London along with a slew of other hippies, that went under the name Haddon Hall. The house is the setting for the quirky yet inventively creative book by graphic designer/comic artist Nejib. The hardcover comic tells the story of Bowie putting together his band and struggling for a creative identity and the inspiration to become a rock star. Continue reading “Haddon Hall – When David Invented Bowie by Nejib”

Out of the Basement: From Cheap Trick to DIY Punk Review

Yes, punk rock in Rockford, Ill. is a very specific genre, but that’s the beauty of the Scene History Series from Microcosm Publishing. The focus is on very targeted music movement that generally doesn’t get much attention outside of local bars. And while Cheap Trick, Rockford’s favorite sons, have certainly garnered international attention over the past three or four decades, unless you were a punk kid hanging around the Rust Belt in the 1980s, you likely have no idea who Bludgeoned Nun or We Hate Cake were. Continue reading “Out of the Basement: From Cheap Trick to DIY Punk Review”