Scott H. Biram – The Bad Testament

Lone Star state native Scott H. Biram started blending punk rock, Blues and country years before anyone decided to christen the cobbled-together genre, folk punk. Across nearly a dozen releases, Biram has been one-man banding it since 2000, churning out one great record after another. And “The Bad Testament,” his first full length in about three years, is no exception. Continue reading “Scott H. Biram – The Bad Testament”

Skinny Girl Diet – Heavy Flow

The British feminist punk trio Skinny Girl Diet are a reminder that the Riotgrrl movement, though a little more under the radar, is still alive in bands across the globe. Their first full length, the scorching, distortion-layered “Heavy Flow” is one hell of a statement from the band. Continue reading “Skinny Girl Diet – Heavy Flow”

Clem Snide – You Were a Diamond

They may be Boston-based, but Clem Snide was still one of the best alt country bands going throughout the ‘90s and early aughts. Their debut, “You Were a Diamond,” which came out in 1998, is finally getting a proper vinyl re-release courtesy of Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records. This is one of those albums that was just begging for the warmth of vinyl; It’s a stripped down, minimalist sound that makes it impossible to hide any flaws. And surprisingly there aren’t any. The calmness of the album only serves to enhance the guitars and Eef Barzelay’s haunting vocals. Continue reading “Clem Snide – You Were a Diamond”

Arcade Fire – The Reflektor Tapes (DVD)

Arcade Fire has been an enigma ever since 2004’s brilliant Springsteen-influenced “Funeral” brought the Montreal band global attention. Their refusal to stay in one musical place too long, incorporating a more dance-heavy vibe on later albums and the invitation for crowds to dress in costumes or formal attire for their concerts, just continued to puzzle many and thrill even more. Continue reading “Arcade Fire – The Reflektor Tapes (DVD)”


Almost as a rule, musician autobiographies are a chance to settle scores, name names, spew vitriol; essentially an exercise in one-sided venting. Obviously, someone forgot to mention that to Johnny Marr. And while this revelation may turn off some of the realty TV-warped Smith out there, for those looking to get an honest sense of who Marr is as a person, Set The Boy Free makes for a fascinating read. Continue reading “SET THE BOY FREE By Johnny Marr”

The Legal Matters – Conrad

Midwest-based group The Legal Matters is the power pop supergroup made up of members from bands you’ve likely never heard of (Hippodrome, anyone? The Phenomenal Cats? An American Underdog?). Regardless their collaboration in The Legal Matters is bound to bring the attention these guys clearly deserve. Continue reading “The Legal Matters – Conrad”