Visiting Primanti Bros. in Pittsburgh’s Strip District

We had visited a number of Primanti Bros locations in the past, including their stores in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania as well as Youngstown, Ohio and had memorable visits each time. We were lucky enough to be invited to the original Primanti Bros location in Pittsburgh’s Strip District and were quite impressed with the overall experience. When you first go into the location you will be shocked at the overall level of business that is present. Continue reading “Visiting Primanti Bros. in Pittsburgh’s Strip District”

Oglebay, a family destination

The Oglebay Resort (Wheeling, West Virginia) has a number of distinct features that will interest all members of the family. Whether there for a night or for an extended stay, visitors will be challenged to exhaust all of the attractions and experiences that the property offers. Continue reading “Oglebay, a family destination”

BurgerFi (Cuyahoga Falls, OH)

We had an opportunity to stop at BurgerFi, one of the main tenants that have sprung up by the Giant Eagle Market District in the Cuyahoga Falls neighborhood of Akron, Ohio. We were treated to quick service, large portions, and a hands-on owner that made our experience a delightful one.  Continue reading “BurgerFi (Cuyahoga Falls, OH)”

Joovy Zoom 360 Jogging Stroller

We have operated our health and fitness section at NeuFutur for a number o fyears but have not had a product that is equally able to benefit younger and older members of the family. While a great many strollers make it possible to bring young children on longer or more remote journeys, a number of them require that parents or caretakers have to take a more leisurely pace. Joovy has created a stroller – their ultralight Zoom 360 – that allows one the chance to exercise while bringing their children along. Continue reading “Joovy Zoom 360 Jogging Stroller”

A Night at a Mansion: the Glidden House

Long-time readers of NeuFutur will notice that our coverage has changed over the years. We initially began as a music magazine, expanded into movies, and gradually added health and fitness and travel sections in the last few years. The wife and I had our first child, and as a result, the type of material that we covered has changed again. We were invited to a Cleveland institution, the Glidden House, and were impressed at how good service made for any hiccups regarding our children disappear. Continue reading “A Night at a Mansion: the Glidden House”

BiBiBop Asian Grill

We do not nearly make it to Korean restaurants often enough, but I always make it a point to pick up a bowl of bibimbap when we do visit. A new chain – BiBiBop Asian Grill – came to our attention a few months back that seeks to make the dish (and Korean cuisine) more known to the dining public of the Columbus, Ohio area. We were invited to evaluate their Henderson (1836 W. Henderson Rd; Mon-Thu 11am-9pm  Fri-Sat 11am-10pm Sun 11am-7pm) location. While the resulting dishes are pretty different from what one will get at a traditional Korean restaurant, we were pleased at the amount of customization and overall flavor profiles of the bowls that the restaurant offers. Continue reading “BiBiBop Asian Grill”

O’Charley’s Restaurant and Bar (Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio)

13149970_10154244155754673_1908524233_n We were invited to evaluate O’Charley’s new menu focused on their love of Southern cuisine. Over the course of appetizers, entrees and desserts we were thoroughly impressed at the breast all of the offerings at this restaurant gives to their visitors. Continue reading “O’Charley’s Restaurant and Bar (Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio)”

Rodizio Grill (Columbus, OH 43215)


The Rodizio Grill in Columbus, Ohio is an attraction that one should visit should they find themselves in the city limits. Located in the Arena District, the restaurant is inviting sitting prominently on a corner. After getting a reservation, the process is an easy one; visit the skillful front of the house greeter and one will rapidly be seated. The appetizers that your meal starts one with are also a good way to have one’s taste buds challenged as we were given a trio of different breads including a very dense cheese biscuit and a zesty sort of fried cornbread or polenta. Couple this with a sweet banana and one will be absolutely hungry for the next part of the meal. Continue reading “Rodizio Grill (Columbus, OH 43215)”

Huddle House (5000 Park Avenue West, Seville, OH)

On our trip down to the Columbus area we were able to drive on Interstate 76 until we got to the exit immediately before its terminus with Interstate 71. We decided to get off the road and get into a restaurant. We found a rarity around this part, a franchise of the storied Huddle House chain. Huddle House is for those uninitiated a restaurant with hundreds of locations available through the south and the West United States. This restaurant is a to the point sort of joint, a diner that blends traditional American dishes with just  enough zing and pizzazz to keep customers coming back for more. We picked up a few entrees to see exactly what the fuss was about, including an effort from their current promotion, the steak tips line. Continue reading “Huddle House (5000 Park Avenue West, Seville, OH)”

Tilted Kilt – 5075 Dressler Rd NW Canton, OH 44718

The Tilted Kilt was kind enough to invite us in their Canton, Ohio establishment last week. While there, we experienced a number of their plates. We began the meal with a scotch egg; this appetizer was perfectly service but could stand to include a bit more in the way of sausage. 12557787_10153974328289673_1555158248_o The Perfect Patron Marguerita was built off of Patrón Silver Tequila base and completed through the inclusion of Monin Agave Nectar & freshly squeezed lime juice. For those that are bigger fans of beer, the selection of the Tilted Kilt is considerably larger than one’s local watering hole – micro and macro brewed efforts rub shoulders with foreign imports, to given individuals the widest possible swath of options. . The Canton location offered two distinct offerings by Akron’s own Thirsty Dog Brewing. Continue reading “Tilted Kilt – 5075 Dressler Rd NW Canton, OH 44718”