Patiently Awaiting the Meteorite – Electrified

The Grand Brothers & Dee, both important presences on the modern pop scene growing in reputation and ambition with each new release, are teaming for a new project dubbed Patiently Awaiting the Meteorite. The first single “Electrified” from the collaboration’s forthcoming debut Canyon Diablo illustrates the production talents of the brothers while also illustrating the talents that have allowed Dee to land coveted spots like a Ford auto commercial during the most recent Super Bowl programming, but the scope of the new single reaches far beyond the confines of mere popularity. The project is clearly aiming to craft modern pop music with genuine substance and lasting value while still providing listeners with ample entertainment value for their money. “Electrified” personifies the best elements that each half of this creative partnership bring to the table without ever seeming hollow or pretentious. It’s a powerful first outing that reminds listeners what great pop music can accomplish. Continue reading “Patiently Awaiting the Meteorite – Electrified”

Almost Awake release new single

Almost Awake is an up and coming group which is lead by female vocalist Vick Liano. The energetic group hits the stage with a fresh sound which is influenced by Paramore, Nirvana, Joe Satriani, and Blink 82. The genre ranges from feel-good music to rock and roll with the hint of jazz percussion. Their music could be categorized as Alternative Rock / Punk / Rock. Almost Awake was formed in 2014 in Las Vegas, NV and signed with Tommy Entertainment. Continue reading “Almost Awake release new single”

The Sandboys drop EP

With summer coming up, it seems like the perfect time to find that next epic mix of road trip worthy music. This becomes a more significant challenge as families look for something that is not too dark, dripping with foul language or not lighthearted enough for a car sing-a-long. A British band that has finally leaped the Atlantic to share their spin on beach-worthy music may be just the answer. The Sandboys latest album “Glitches, Imperfections & Glorious Quirks” might be that big summer mix. Continue reading “The Sandboys drop EP”

Cat Thompson – Be Mine

Cat Thompson’s inexorable rise into the heights of pop stardom makes another surge with the release of her latest single “Be Mine”. It’s a spectacular follow up to her previous single “All I Need” and positions the Australian born vocalist and songwriter for a 2018 run promising to bring her closer than ever towards achieving the global recognition and success she deserves and craves. Her multi-cultural frame of reference imbues her with an unique range of musical talents and she’s built a reputation of dynamic live performances delivered with passion and pacing likely capable of exhausting even her most talented contemporaries and peers. The confidence she exudes during the recording “Be Mine” is palpable and far beyond her years. This Australian born half Irish/half Filipino singer/songwriter is currently readying her new EP for release and it’s safe to assume we should consider this single as a preview of what’s to come – if so, Cat Thompson’s 2018 stands to be her biggest year yet and one potentially sending her career into the stratosphere. Continue reading “Cat Thompson – Be Mine”

Doug McCurry & The Verticals II

If you like alternative rock that takes steep jumps to pop rock and slightly Americana edges, than the Doug McCurry & The Verticals II album will be a wonderful addition to your musical library. Of the 10 tracks on this gem, nearly all of them contain solid lyrical arrangements; pop friendly vocals and handy guitar work.  Giving a definite nod to late 90s era rock, Charlotte, North Carolina’s McCurry elevates his music to a modern sound. Continue reading “Doug McCurry & The Verticals II”

BANAFSH “Soul Man of the East” – A Hopeful Single

“Soul Man of the East” from Iranian group, BANAFSH is just a start to bridging the western world to the eastern world. Never mind the past, the preconceived biases and notions that the Middle East is in the Dark Ages. BANAFSH, a self-described “electronic world fusion ambient” band takes little time reminding listeners just how alike we really are. Continue reading “BANAFSH “Soul Man of the East” – A Hopeful Single”

Becky Buller – Crêpe Paper Heart

Becky Buller and her band of many, return with Crêpe Paper Heart, the new CD produced and engineered by Stephen Mougin on the Dark Shadow Recording label. Originally from St. James, Minnesota, Buller is a very gifted award- winning bluegrass singer, songwriter, guitar and fiddle player with a writing history including names such as The Infamous Stringdusters. The CD was recorded along with an award-winning line-up of guests, including Grammy and IBMA award winners Rhonda Vincent, Sam Bush, The Fairfield Four, Rob Ickes and more, which includes some vocals by other than Buller herself. Continue reading “Becky Buller – Crêpe Paper Heart”

Lord Nelson – Through the Night

Ghosts of lost lovers and dreams dashed litter a broken trail from motel, to roadhouse, to Rocky Mountains and beyond. This is what the cold night holds in store for us that on Lord Nelson’s first studio album Through the Night. American and British fans alike will find solace in the blistering blend of rhythmic blues rock to behold here. Their reputation on the road these last few years has been nothing to joke about, but it wasn’t until producer Dave Stipe brought their grooves into high definition that the audience can finally experience the complexities of this Virginia outfit’s sound. Continue reading “Lord Nelson – Through the Night”

Nicola Thoms drops new single

East London’s Nicola Thoms, comes out on the scene with her new single, “Beautiful Mind” and it’s a beautiful song indeed. And she’s no new comer. As a musician she’s been around since the age of 16 but still young. She attended the Brit School of Performing Arts to study music and this is when she really began to develop her love of writing. Since graduating from the Brit School, Nicola has gained herself a music degree, recently graduating from the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in May 2015. And she’s been writing songs and this new single makes her a force to reckon with. Continue reading “Nicola Thoms drops new single”