Django Mack – 100 Page Tattoo

The latest release from singer/songwriter-Americana act Django Mack, 100 Page Tattoo, continues the band’s creative progress while consolidating their past achievements. Few outfits working today in this style can claim the depth and entertainment value of the six songs included with this new EP release. Continue reading “Django Mack – 100 Page Tattoo”

Ian C. Bouras – Absence (live looping)

Ian Bouras’ initial renown on the indie music scene came via his tenure as guitarist and among the main songwriters for New York City reggae rock band AñaVañA, but he’s since branched out into performing highly idiosyncratic originals as a solo artist beginning with the 2007 release of his first solo album with SDMP Records. Bouras has also, during his time on the scene, acquired a much deserved reputation as a fine producer and engineer, particularly on his solo releases, and that same fidelity to finding an unified sound and expertise in doing so manifests itself on this release. The album’s fourteen songs are largely carried by Bouras’s guitar melodies and extemporizations adorned with looping and delay effects. There are occasional moments of percussion clanging through, but the instrumental focus of this album remains largely resolute throughout the course of this solo outing. It’s interesting to note that Bouras, as a guitarist, has a chameleon like ability to convincingly inhabit multiple styles of guitar, but can pare back his approach so that particular releases resonate with one sound. It’s a testament to his talents. Continue reading “Ian C. Bouras – Absence (live looping)”